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Apartments for rent in Allschwil

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Rental apartment in Allschwil : an important decision

A medium-sized town in the canton of Basel-Campagne, Allschwil is located near the French and German borders. Moving into a rental apartment Allschwil allows you to live in a city that offers the tranquillity and infrastructure to fully thrive.

Rental apartment in Allschwil : a perfect location

Nestled between the French border and the canton of Basel-Ville, the town benefits from a privileged geographical location. In particular, it is its immediate proximity to Basel, the cultural capital and third most populated city in the country, which attracts those looking for a rental apartment in Allschwil. Less than fifteen minutes are enough to reach the centre of the area and the banks of the Rhine. Allschwil residents can thus benefit from a wide commercial offer, a large pool of jobs and other advantages of a large city, such as its proximity to the airport, museums, and major schools.

Treat yourself to an exceptional quality of life with a rental apartment in Allschwil

Living in Allschwil allows you to step back from the hustle and bustle of the big city without getting away from all that Basel has to offer. This is why many families choose to move towards a house or rental apartment in Allschwil. A residential area which is also less expensive than that of Riehen on the other side of the city. For effective research on available properties in Allschwil, consult the advertisements published by property owners and outgoing tenants on SherlockHomes, the expert site for real estate searches in Switzerland.

Apartments in Allschwil for rent

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