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Why rent an apartment in the canton of Grisons?

The canton of Grisons holds all the records. First, it is both the biggest and the least densely populated in the country. And it is the only trilingual canton, so a rental apartment in Grisons has everything to charm Swiss and expatriate residents whether they speak German, Italian, or French.

Rent an apartment in the canton of Grisons so you can enjoy outdoor activities

Between wild rivers and high-altitude lakes by the hundreds, the marvelous valleys of the canton of Grisons are favored by nature lovers and fans of outdoor sports in both winter and summer. This giant canton in eastern Switzerland is nestled in the hollow of the Alps: perfect for summer hiking, winter skiing, and countless other outdoor activities. In short, enchanting surroundings every day and even, according to some people, the highest quality of life in the country.

Rent an apartment in the canton of Grisons so you can thrive

There are no big cities in this canton. The most populous is Coire, the capital city (36,000 inhabitants), and the most well-known is Davos, known not only for its ski resort and sporting events, but for the global economic forum held there every year. It is a symbol for this canton, strongly energized by the proximity of several international airports and its central location between Munich and Milan. Such advantages can generate a certain amount of competition in the real estate market, but using the Sherlock Holmes platform, with its ads and services, can help you get around that and find an apartment in the canton of Grisons to rent or buy.

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