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Choosing an apartment in the canton of Saint-Gallen

The canton of Saint-Gallen has more than 510,000 inhabitants, which makes it the fifth most populous canton in Switzerland. Its environment and economic vitality are two good reasons to think about renting or buying an apartment in Saint-Gallen.

Rent an apartment in the canton of Saint-Gallen for the quality of life

Between Lake Constance and mountain peaks higher than 3,000 meters, the canton of Saint-Gallen has stunning landscapes. Its capital and medium-size cities guarantee that families will have an extremely pleasant quality of life. The city of Saint-Gallen is particularly well known for its panorama, its UNESCO classified monuments, and its university, which is one of the most prestigious of the German-speaking regions.

An apartment in the canton of Saint-Gallen because it is economically attractive

Decisively turned toward new technologies, the canton of Saint-Gallen promises professional fulfillment to employees and skilled labor to companies, as well as patent protection, which is particularly appreciated by heads of innovative companies.

How do I find an apartment to rent in the canton of Saint-Gallen?

Despite all these advantages, rents for apartments in the canton of Saint-Gallen are still below the national average. You can therefore find some great real estate opportunities by looking at the ads for apartments for rent in Saint-Gallen on the platform specializing in Swiss real estate: SherlockHomes.

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