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Looking for an apartment in Saint-Gallen

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Located in a peaceful haven near Lake Constance, Saint-Gallen is Switzerland’s eighth largest city. Capital of the canton of Saint-Gallen, it is also the biggest city in eastern Switzerland. That’s a good reason to move into an apartment in Saint-Gallen.

Rent an apartment in Saint-Gallen so you can live in a city of art and history

Originally a colony settled around a monastery built in 720, Saint-Gallen has a rich historical heritage to show off. Its baroque cathedral is just one proud representative of that heritage. There is also the Saint-Gallen abbey, which boasts a well-stocked medieval library. Both these buildings are UNESCO world heritage sites. Everyone who decides to live in an apartment in Saint-Gallen will be able to enjoy the old city’s well-preserved charm. But Saint-Gallen isn’t a living museum. With 76,000 inhabitants, it is also an economically dynamic city. As the capital it is naturally home to the cantonal authorities, but the Federal Administrative Court is also located here.

An apartment in Saint-Gallen is a good option for students

Saint-Gallen is also known for its university, which was founded in 1898. Its programs in trade, economy, and management are among the most prestigious in the German-speaking world. The University of St. Gallen often ranks among the world’s top 500 universities. And its master’s degree in management was ranked very highly by the Financial Times. If you are lucky enough to attend the university or another school here, you can check the SherlockHomes website for apartments to rent in Saint-Gallen.

Apartments in Saint-Gallen for rent

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