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Apartments for rent in Schaffhausen

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Looking for a flat to rent in Schaffhausen

Unique natural site, exceptional architectural heritage, major industrial center… Applying for a flat to rent in Schaffhausen and living in the main city of the canton of Schaffhausen is attracting more and more people.

A flat to rent in Schaffhausen in a town built around its medieval city

Schaffhausen’s main attraction is its imposing circular fortress, the Munot, which has towered over the old town since the 16th century. It is still the symbol of the power of this municipality in northern Switzerland, close to Germany. Its natural heritage is equally noteworthy. Discover its natural heritage, in particular the Rhine Falls, considered the largest waterfall in Europe. It is an international tourist site that is easily accessible from your flat for rent in Schaffhausen.

A flat for rent in Schaffhausen in a dynamic economic region

The commitment to rent a flat in Schaffhausen, where the heritage is so majestic, is also to seek professional opportunities.  Schaffhausen, the capital of the canton, is also the most populous city with 37,000 inhabitants. It has become a renowned industrial center. Several large groups have made it their home: Georg Fischer, International Watch Co, BB Biotech, Tyco International… Since there are many applicants for a flat to rent in Schaffhausen, using the SherlockHomes platform will be a precious help in making your search successful.

Apartments in Schaffhausen for rent

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