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Apartments for rent in Solothurn

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Looking for a flat to rent in Solothurn

Solothurn, the city of ambassadors and the most beautiful baroque city in Switzerland, is renowned for many reasons. Here is an overview of the reasons to look for a rental flat in Solothurn, the capital of the canton of Solothurn.

Enjoy the Swiss way of life with a flat for rent in Solothurn

Until the end of the 18the century, the French embassy was based in Solothurn. The city has an exceptional heritage, such as the prestigious St. Urs and St. Victor’s Cathedral. But if the city is distinguished by its multiple architectural styles, it is nevertheless well anchored in modernity. The capital of the canton of the same name has more than 16,000 inhabitants who can take advantage of major events such as the carnival or the Solothurn Days, the main festival devoted to Swiss cinema. And in summer, tourists and locals alike meet on the banks of the River Aare on the terraces of bars and restaurants.

Find a flat for rent in Solothurn

The Verena Gorge is a unique and popular destination for locals and visitors alike, just a few kilometers from Solothurn. Many people are looking for a place to live in this privileged environment. So to find a flat for rent in Solothurn that meets all the criteria of surface and budget, go to the platform specializing in Swiss real estate surveys: SherlockHomes.

Apartments in Solothurn for rent

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