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How and why should I choose an apartment to rent in the canton of Uri?

With only nineteen municipalities and fewer than 37,000 inhabitants, the canton of Uri is Switzerland’s second smallest canton. It’s a mountainous region that will delight nature lovers looking for a quiet, peaceful life. Our tips for finding an apartment to rent in Uri.

Rent an apartment in the canton of Uri to enjoy the stunning landscapes

If you’re thinking of renting an apartment in the canton of Uri, you probably prefer unspoiled nature to big cities. Nestled between Lake Lucerne and the Saint-Gothard mountain range in the Swiss Alps, this canton is primarily made up of mountains and forests. Its highest point, at an altitude of 3,630 meters, is Dammastock. There are a lot of options for fans of hiking and outdoor sports, in both summer and winter.

Finding your apartment to rent in the canton of Uri

Since it is not very urbanized, the canton of Uri doesn’t have very many real estate ads. To find an apartment or house to rent in Uri, you have to look in Reuss, where most people in the canton live. Its main city, Altdorf, has fewer than 10,000 inhabitants. A haven with all the amenities you need to flourish in Uri. And to find your dream home, you should trust a professional. SherlockHomes not only enables you to see ads for the entire canton, but this Swiss real estate platform also offers you a broad range of services to make it easier to rent an apartment in Uri or anywhere in Switzerland.

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