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Apartment for rent in Sion

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Located in the south-west of the canton of Valais, of which it is the capital and the most populated city, the municipality of Sion is surrounded by mountains. Here are the things to know to find an apartment to rent in Sion…

Why choose an accommodation to rent in Sion?

The capital of Valais is not only one of the oldest cities in Switzerland, but it is also the sunniest! And these two criteria are enough to decide many people to find an apartment to rent in Sion and to take advantage of the local sweetness of life. It must be said that the location of Sion is ideal in many respects. Cradled by the high peaks of the Alps, the city is nevertheless located less than an hour’s drive from Montreux. This is the reason why many workers come to look for an apartment to rent in Sion, whether they work there or in Montreux. Add to that the Château de Valère and the Château de Tourbillon which eternally watch over the town and we have one of the most charming towns in Switzerland!

How to find an apartment to rent in Sion?

Due to its climate, its location and its environment, Sion is one of the most coveted cities in all of Switzerland. It should therefore come as no surprise to see the advertisements for apartments for rent in Sion only remain online for a very short time. However, despite this dynamism in terms of real estate, finding accommodation in Sion for rent remains possible, in particular by using the services of SherlockHomes.

Apartments in Sion for rent

386917 image flat

Maison - 3 rooms - Sion

CHF 1'391 / month (charges included)
icon map Route de Nendaz 12, Sion 1950
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377919 image flat

Appartement - 2.5 rooms - Sion

CHF 1'350 / month (charges included)
icon map Avenue du Petit-Chasseur 90, Sion 1950
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358707 image flat

Appartement - 2 rooms - Sion

CHF 1'800 / month (charges included)
icon map Chemin du Vieux-Canal 2, Sion 1950
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351263 image flat

Appartement - 3.0 rooms - Sion

CHF 1'650 / month (charges included)
icon map Av. de Pratifori 3, Sion 1950
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350051 image flat

Appartement - 1.0 room - Sion

CHF 700 / month (charges included)
icon map Av. de Tourbillon 70, Sion 1950
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340889 image flat

Appartement - 3.5 rooms - Sion

CHF 1'519 / month (charges included)
icon map Av.Bietschhorn 21A, Sion 1950
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