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Apartment for rent in the city of Zug

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What are the reasons for preferring a flat for rent in the city of Zug?

As the capital of the canton of Zug, the city is known as the Crypto Valley due to its economic dynamism. This is why more and more couples are looking for a flat to rent in the city of Zug. 

Flat for rent in the city of Zug: the competition

Finding a rental flat in Zug that is still available is not always easy, as the city has made a name for itself internationally. As a result, the municipality, which had just over 20,000 inhabitants in the 1990s, is now home to over 30,000.

Flat for rent in the city of Zug: an incredible economic dynamic

It is first of all because the city offers a very pleasant living environment along the shores of the lake that many searches are made for a flat to rent in Zug. It is also its strong economic activity that makes Zug an attractive city in terms of flat searches and rentals. Zug is one of the international capitals of commodity brokerage and, with the establishment of several firms specializing in digital financial services, the region is nicknamed the “crypto valley”. Zug is the first city in the world to allow its residents to pay municipal services and taxes in Bitcoin. Home to multinational mining companies such as Glencore and Xstrata, the city is also home to many other companies from a variety of economic sectors: oil rig management, biotechnology, tropical timber exploitation, scientific publishing… With all this excitement about one of the country’s central strongholds, it is becoming difficult to find a flat to rent in the city of Zug. Check regularly the new ads posted on SherlockHomes in order to seize the real estate opportunities quickly.

Apartments in Zug for rent

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