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Located in the canton of Zurich on the edge of Lake Greifen, the city of Uster combines the pleasures of life amongst nature with those of a historic city full of life all year round...

A rental apartment in Uster, an historic town

Known since the end of the 8th century, Uster has an ancient history, which is evident in its many listed monuments. Among them, the 11th century castle seems to eternally watch over locals and visitors. At the same time, the city is also an important industrial centre for the region, in particular thanks to the presence of several internationally renowned companies such as Zellweger Luwa, Implant Design, and Uster Technologies. A rental apartment in Uster thus makes it possible to benefit from the city’s important influence.

A rental apartment in Uster, revel in the joys of nature

Uster, which today has more than 35,000 inhabitants, is a real little piece of heaven for lovers of outdoor activities. The city is indeed located in the immediate vicinity of Lake Greifen, perfect for aquatic activities. Located less than 20 kilometres from downtown Zurich, it is surrounded by the Jura mountains to the north.

Renting an apartment in Uster with the SherlockHomes real estate platform therefore represents an excellent opportunity to treat yourself to an everyday life punctuated by downhill skiing in winter and refreshing swims in summer.

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